innMangalath welcomes you!

Nestled in an eco-friendly atmosphere in the city of Cochin, the residential YOGA conservatory at INN MANGALATH holiday home (Mangalath Ashramam) offers you an array of holistic activities designed in such a way, you return home transformed with a combination of unique knowledge and skills leaving behind those heaviness of anguish and distress.

Both the retreat programs and Teachers Training courses offered at Mangalath Ashramam is conceived in a totally comforting but professional approach for beginners as well as for people actively engaged in the discipline.

A serene environment, comfortable rooms, other common amenities and surroundings are all conducive enough at the conservatory Mangalath Ashramam. The positive vibrations in and around helps revitalise and discover the peace within as you embark on your inward journey.

We welcome you this second homeā€¦!